Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sneak peek!

Spring is approaching (some places slower than others. Mn just got an ice storm...) & we're getting pretty antsy for green grass, no boots, and the sound of birds. But what I'm most excited for is seeing color! A gander out my window displays approximately 3 colors: white, grey, & brown. These lovely finds that will be in the shop this week brighten up my day & add a bit of color to my life. Why not show off all those great mugs you have with this nifty flower cup holder?
Weathered (check). Great color (check). Absolutely adorable (check). Hmmm I think we have it covered. Plus- What a great display item for books, plants, and misc...
We have an addiction to olives & pickles in our house. This mid century 3-piece server would be a perfect spot for those little bites at your next get together.
This glass vessel has the most beautiful design of white feathers and gold leaves. Where else would you want to put those valentine flowers your getting?


Dallas Shaw said...

love that glass vessel

Julia said...

I love the truck! It reminds me of a neighbors pride and job back in Oklahome :)